Contact Form Issue!

Crap, you guys! I just uncovered a pretty serious technical road block on my website and I am SO upset about it. I received an email from a lead that was following up on a website contact form submission from last week… THAT I NEVER RECEIVED! So… I investigated the back end of my website and realized there are SO MANY inquiries that I wasn’t seeing! Like a TON!

I am SO glad I caught it now but wish I had sooner. I missed so many of you requesting my services! I believe I have resolved the issue so that all inquiries will come through my email but I will also be checking my logs daily for a while to make sure everything is working as it should.

So… if you have visited my website and submitted a contact form in the past few months and never received a reply, please know that I am NOT ignoring you! I will be going back through all inquiries and following up regardless of whether the need has passed. Customer service is definitely something I don’t take lightly. I always want my clients to feel they have all their photography needs fulfilled.

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