About Me

Amanda Dee Photography
329 10th Avenue SE Suite 127
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401


All my life I’ve loved taking photographs.  And I thank my parents for giving me my first camera as a kid and letting me take roll after roll of film.  Through this creative freedom I developed such a love for the art of photography in its entirety.  Portraits, landscapes, candids,  they all excite me.  Each is a way of capturing a moment, a memory, a look that will never happen again.  This is the reason I love photography so much.  It gives one the ability to share moments in time at any moment in time.  Photographs are timeless, vivid representations of memories

I would love to share my love of photography with you by capturing your life’s special moments.  Our lives are ever changing and the people in them are growing and changing everyday.  Your wedding is a special event in your life and you don’t want to forget all the details and excitement that surrounded the day.  Your children seems to grow over night and getting those candid moments and funny faces on film are the only way to ensure your memories of those early days don’t fade.  Family portraits are also a great way to preserve the ever changing stages and share your pride as a family.

For whatever occasion or moment in your life, I’d like to help capture it for you through photography.  It is my pleasure to be behind the camera lens as your life unfolds.